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Narok Leaders Split Over Mau Forest Issue.

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The rise of a section of Narok County leaders who defend the welfare of the Maasai Mau trust land inhabitants has created a visible split among the county leadership, as well as threatening the group that has been lobbying for the evacuation of the residents without compensation, to unfavorable corner.

The split comprising of Senator Ledama Ole Kina, CS Keriako Tobiko and George Natembeya appears to be weapons of ODM, commissioned to serve the interest of handshake while a team led by Samuel Tunai defends DP Ruto’s wing since it is opposed to the torture of the residents.

The people to be kicked out are linked by Purko clan to be allies of Tunai and their enemies whose rising population should be curbed through eviction.

” Kalenjins who now face eviction overwhelmingly voted for Tunai in 2013 and 2017 against the wish of some people who now want them kicked out of the county,” said a resident

Tunai’s team comprises of his Deputy Chepkirui Arwasa, Narok South MP Korei Ole Mein, Gabriel Ole Tong’onyo (MP Narok West), Ken Aramat ( MP Narok East), Gideon Konchela (Kiligoris), Johanna Ngeno ( Emurua Dikkir) and several MCAs.

The outfit that has changed the tune of the contentious issue, has a cosmopolitan outlook, unlike Ledama’s outfit that is driving pure ethnic interest.

The two splits are fighting to control the wealthy Maasai Mara tourist attraction site and to groom a successor to take over upon Tunai’s exit in 2022.

Ledama, an ODM gun is anti-Kalenjin because of the wishes of his boss Raila Odinga who has been championing for u conditional evacuation of Kalenjin from Narok.

He has been on record frequently claiming that forest encroachers have their homes in Bomet and Kericho.

The untouchable and infamous senator had been igniting ethnic animosity without being prosecuted by security agents who eat fr the same pot with him.

However, Tunai’s entry into the matter comes with a sigh of relief to the embattled Deputy President William Ruto and the helpless evictees.

The Purko clan led by the Ole Ntutu family has been quiet but they appear to be wishing for kicking out the Kalenjin community while the Tunai’s Sirian clan wants to amicably live with the Kalenjins as they have been doing before.

According to the Purko, the Sirians are not part of their community but believe to have their roots in Kalenjin community hence detested by their rise to power.

Many Sirians live in Kiligoris and the larger part of Transmara where the current governor hails from.

The unity of Ngeno, Chepkirui, Konchela and Tong’onyo gives Ledama sleepless nights since they dash away from his gubernatorial ambitions because he knows that one community cannot make him win.

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