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Raila Odinga Finally Acquires Lucrative Land In Mau Forest

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Expansive Kiptagich tea farm at the centre of Mau Forest Complex owned by Moi’s family

Politics and Wealth

At long last the former Prime Ministry Raila Odinga has acquired a lucrative parcel of land in Mau Forest that already has a tea plantation.

The Rift News has learnt that Gideon Moi sold a section of the family land in Kiptagich area adjacent to Kiplemeiywo (Kipkongor IDP camp) to Raila Odinga who is now a shareholder in a tea factory that is under construction.

Before this, Odinga family was the only among the dynastic network that had no lucrative Land in the Rift.

The Moi’s family owned 2000 acres that it was later shared by mzee among his two children: Jenifer Moi and Gideon Moi, each getting a share of 1000 acres and now Gideon has sliced off his to Raila for political reasons.

A thousand acres on the side where Kiptagich tea factory lies, is owned by Jenifer who has stood her ground to deny Gideon of squandering family resources in unhopeful 2022 presidential attempt.

It is for this reason that alongside her Philip, Jenifer supports DP Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid with an argument that the community should solidly rally behind him the way it did to Moi and because has an upper hand, being close to power more than their brother who has not managed to convince even Baringo residents.

Due to cold relationship with the sister, Gideon is now erecting his own tea factory within the Kiptagich family land at the centre of Mau Forest to give her sister Competition due to frosty relationship.

Kiptagich factory has been lately being married with a series of staff protesting with outgrowers complaining of oppression in the green tea prices that stands at sh. 20 while KTDA buys at 32 per kilo.

Gideon Moi and Raila after a private meeting

Employees at the factory have been complaining of unfavourable working conditions that have no school for their children and a close health facility to attend to their emergency medical cases.

Our source says besides reaching out to Raila for protection, Gideon Moi did it to appease Raila to keep him on the succession loop after the handshake against William Ruto

It is for this reason that while 60,000 families are being evicted from Mau Forest, the expansive Kiptagich family remains untouched.

Our reports indicate that the deal was reached during the recent meetings betwen Gideon and Raila that were publicized on social media.

The details have emerged that Raila ordered the environment CS to protect the Kiptagich tea factory while kicking out the alleged forest encroachers.

The newspaper reports recorded retired president in his own words exposing that the tea estate is a trustnland within Naorok County that was sold to him in 1978 by Maasai elders and the then count council.

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