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South Rift MCAs milking taxpayers 

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Bomet County Assembly

Our Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) are charged with the mandate of overseeing the County Executive, but they are busy looting taxpayer’s money through allowances, tenders, domestic and foreign travels.

MCAs are key elements towards effective implementation of devolution expected to change the way devolved units conduct their businesses but most of them are committed to fleece the public funds through invented claims.

Seven years since inception of devolution, Kericho, Nakuru, Narok and Bomet have never passed any remarkable legislation in favour of tea, maize and dairy farmers who are perishing in poverty despite sweating day and night in their farms.

Many residents who spoke to Famous South Rift accused the MCAs for just threatening to impeach governors who fail to award their companies contracts and handouts at the expense of their job.

Kericho MCAs in a meeting

Both this and the previous regime, Kericho and Bomet County Assemblies are on the spot for misuse of funds.

The report shows that in 2016/17 financial year, 15 committees of Kericho County Assembly spent Sh187 million for 1,159 meetings.

According to the report, committees of the county assembly held various meetings to deliberate on various matters.

“We didn’t receive value for the huge public expenditure on the committee allowances amounting to Sh187 million. That is why we demand review of MCA posts in the coming review of neither the constitution since they are nor helping us” Jane Bii, Kericho resident lamented.

Dr. Robert Ouko’s report reveals that in Nakuru, despite installation of biometric system to identify and monitor attendance to both plenary and various committee meetings, absent committee members were still paid.

Sadly, they use the privilege of appointing and firing speakers to demand foreign and bench-mark trips that earns them thousands of money in form of allowances.

We will soon publish list of legislations and scandals that have been passed and reported respectively in South Rift counties.

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