Tue. May 26th, 2020

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Wakili Kipkoech on messy protocol during JTs burial.

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The social media fuss about protocol during JT’s service has been loud.The furore has been who should have spoken before who.Each side of the divide has gone at lengths and with sufficient moxie to explain why certain things happened or should have happened.

Suffice to Say,HE. DR. William Ruto is a serving DP. GM is a blue eyed son of the 2nd President of Kenya and a serving senator.JT was a private citizen with public exposure.

The tackles from DP’s hawks in the past against GM have been bizarre.Bullying.Case in point is the funeral at Baringo South awhile ago.Those aligned to GM have reciprocated.I have no answer on the protocol quiz though.

What I have been interrogating is what the media has not appraised.The place of HE Lee Kinyanjui in the 2nd President’s compound.Perhaps more than Senior Moi’ s Governor.May be not!A photo is worth more than a ….words!

The Author is a Nakuru based Lawyer.

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