Tue. May 26th, 2020

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Journalists Need Economic Freedom.

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By Suleiman Mbatiah

Journalists in Kenya only require economic freedom
as we celebrate the World Press Freedom Day, let’s also have freedom in our pockets. 

We can’t be writing about the high cost of living, inflation, minimum wage for other sectors as if it doesn’t affect us. 
It astonishes me when journalists report with zeal how other people’s rights are trodden on while the very media houses we’re reporting for have placed guillotines on our necks.

Get clobbered by cops, equipment broken or stolen while on assignment and the first thing some media houses will ask is if the equipment is OK.You’ll nurse injuries alone before being handed with a dismissal letter as you’re no longer productive.

By the way, when was the last time journalists – staffers and correspondents – enjoyed a meaningful pay increase? 
What’s the story, video and photo rate card? 
You don’t have to answer that. Just reflect.

Lastly, I take this moment to thank Oduor Eric William Oloo-janak Victor Bwire Patience Nyange Haron Mwangi and every other person who has worked tirelessly to see a ‘free & pocket-happy’ press in Kenya. 
We still have a long way to go though we’ve made notable strides. 

The Author is award winning Journalist based in Nakuru.

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