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Brookside Employee with Damaged Kidneys Appeals to Uhuru, Ruto for help

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Brookside Dairies Employee Hilary Bett during Dialysis session at MTRH

It was in June 2012 when I first met Hillary Bett at Kisumu bus stage. He heard me making a phone call in Kalenjin dialect and he cheerfully came to find out more about me. He introduced himself as a Brookside dairies employee based in Kisumu town.

I had just cleared my journalism exams at Kisumu Polytechnic and I freshly remembered a Broadcast Journalism question on importance of making rapport, so I could not hesitate to engage him. After a concise chitchat, we both boarded a matatu bound to Kericho because he was on a two-week off.

From that day, Hillary became my acquaintance but little did I know that we would someday need each other until recently when he called to inform me of a chronic disease that has struck both of his kidneys and that only President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto are his only hope to finance an urgent transplant that could enable him see the crest of this year.

“My body is now weak, I can’t cry any more. I have gone round churches, homes and institutions to seek support but I only have sh. 300,000 out of the required sh. 2.5 million to make me see tomorrow. Tell President Uhuru and Ruto that they are my last hopes” he said in a phone call.

Bett, 37, was healthy and happy until early 2018 when he was diagnosed with delicate kidney disease that has smashed up both of his kidneys.

He has been visiting Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital twice a week for dialyses and an injection to boost hormones while doctors ask him to raise sh. 2.5 million for transplant.

The father of four says he has appealed to churches, colleagues, business people and political leaders to save his life from an early grave with no avail.

Before the sickness, Bett born to a poor family living in Sotik Sub County in Bomet has been struggling to assist sibling to study while accruing slight savings that bought him a small piece of land in Baraget village in Kuresoi South Sub County.

For easy access to MTRH, Bett was transferred by Brookside management to Eldoret branch where he is still working despite the weakening body.

He says he has tried with difficulty to reach many of Nakuru and Bomet leaders for help but hopes that a well-wisher will still come and rescue him form imminent death.

If he will get Finances, it will take only few days for preparation of surgery at either MTRH or St. Lukes Hospital in Eldoret.

According to the U.S National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation is costly, and most people need financial help.

However, it adds that transplant surgery to place a healthy kidney from someone who has just died or a living donor, usually a family member, into a person’s body is effective and can rescue life.

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