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Lessons from Kericho Millionaire Cum Politician

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Raymond Cheruiyot with Mr Chandaria.

If corruption that is robbing citizens of their wealth should be suppressed and get value for our taxes, locals should rise beyond mediocrity of sycophancy and stop selling democratic rights during elections.

The anecdote of Kericho entrepreneur cum politician Raymond Cheruiyot, who has made fortunes to be a multimillionaire despite humble beginnings, is an adequate proof that if such leaders get chances in political leadership they would by far make thousands of jobless youth into job creators.

Cheruiyot, a passionate software developer from a rural village in Kericho, is a role model to graduates, who out of sh. 15,000 soft loans, conceived idea of his Information Technology (IT) firm worth millions of money in less than ten years of existence.

After graduating with Bachelor of Science from JKUAT in 2003, he did not pack his bags to come home as many do, he bought a laptop and sought sh. 15,000 soft loans to register a company to execute a million ideas that kept popping up in his minds.

“I had always wanted to venture into self-employment through technology business but I was not aware that there is a big difference between reality and wishful thinking,’’ he said

Being true to his passion, his hustle and bustle along the streets of Nairobi did not take longer for the Accounts and Financial East Africa Limited Proprietor to be appointed as the Sage International authorized partner in Kenya.

Six years later after joining Sage International, he is proud to declare that he earns up to sh. 10 million per month with  some of his local clients being EABL, AAR, Catholic University, Kenya Plant  Health Inspectorate Services (Kephis), Express Kenya, and Crowne Plaza.

After making notable strides in life that earns him millions of money in the city, he jumped into murky waters of politics with an vision of helping his people back at home get growth they desire as well as to get a platform to share his fascinating history to young people who are still charting their careers as well as their parents.

Committed to entrench his innovative skill to crack problems troubling residents of his constituency, he threw his hat on stage in 2013 and 2017 General polls but despite his well repute, his dream was delayed not curtailed by bigwigs who impose specific leaders on electorate during elections and the tradition of electing humourists to manage public coffers at expense of leaders with unrivalled development records.

Even after contesting for Belgut Parliamentary seat unsuccessfully, he is still committed to assisting needy children to pursue education from secondary school to university and motivating young people to venture into self-employment.

“The only way of rewriting one’s history in life, is by helping them acquire education that has been proven as a true equalizer” he says

Since he runs a successful company, he says, he earns enough money in business and his interest in politics is never related with hunger for money the way many do, but he wants to help society build self-reliance among the young people.

“Youth are the bearers of vision 2030 because they have the energy, know-how and zeal required to propel this nation into greater heights it should be,” he said

Raymond cheruiyot is young and promising politician who threw his hat on stage to race for Belgut parliamentary seat unsuccessfully.

He entered murky water of politics with an aim of being the solution that people have been anticipating for.

Being a self-made professional who is one of the country’s notable software developers runs his own company. That he has been building since he resigned.

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