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How Propesa is being “finished” by Politicians

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Kalenjin politicians wasting Comedians or Comedians dying for them?

Kalenjin Comedians dubbled Team Propesa with Kanu chair Gideon Moi

The Kalenjin community is privileged to have talented musicians and popular comedians whose performances have attracted national attention but regrettably most of them die poor because none of the wealthy politicians who use them during election campaigns is willing to turn their talents into an income generating activity.

The wealthy comedians in the country come from either Central Kenya or lower Eastern not because they are gifted more than us but because they have leaders embrace and support them to make money.

Kalenjins are equally blessed with popular and wealthy politicians who only support the families these artists upon their dead for funeral arrangements when they shower them with worthless praises.

When these politicians meet our disparate artists, they pose for pictures then use their proxies to widely circulate them online for political gains.

The comedy team led by former Kass Media News Correspondent Kimutai Ruto AKA Propesa is recently doing rounds photo shoots with senior politicians who offer them nothing noteworthy in reciprocation.

Propesa with Kanu officials at undisclosed location

Weeks after meeting the Deputy President William Ruto in his Karen office, that the pictures of the team with Kanu chairman Gideon Moi who has declared to block DP Ruto;s presidency bid have sufficed.

It is reported that Moi gave them few coins then circulate photos he took with them with a message sugar coated with youth empowerment.

It is not for the first time; in 2016 during Kericho Senate by-elections, Moi’s family offered them a chopper to fly across the county in support of Kanu candidate Paul sang only for little money that could not afford to buy them a motorbike.

According to Bizna Kenya, Mois family that owns almost half of the country’s wealth is the richest family in the country followed by Kenyatta’s and Gideon has been made official custodian of the property.

The latest survey finding published by National media outlets showed that DP Ruto is the most popular 2022 presidential candidate. The business guru is known for his philanthropic nature.

Team Propesa with Deputy President William Ruto in his Karen office

Politicians instead of nurturing these artists to seize opportunities in the lucrative music and comedy industry, they only use them for popularity and leave them to languish in poverty.

Propesa has in the past engaged in a tug of war with Elgeiyo Marakwet Kipchumba Murkomen offer a deal of a bet they jointly placed at a club. The deal when sour when the senator renounced the agreement and declined to keep the pledge he made.

The interviewed by Famous South Rift said Propesa was a household name before associating with politicians but his fame is rapidly fading away after being branded a political comedian.


 “These four brothers from Chemaner village in Kuresoi South did well when they marketed Sportpesa but their fame is being dwindled by affiliation with politicians who want to use then damp them” John Kibet said

Mwalimu King’angi the founder and proprietor of the affluent Churchil Show, has never bent his knees in support of a politician. During his tender age, he was assisted by leaders from his community to seize the opportunity that has attracted several donors and investors who advertise during his weekly TV show.

In Karen office

“We have selfish politicians. Many of our talented youth even those who sang campaign songs are now perishing in villages with nobody to help them” Judy Chemutai said


Chemutai recommended that the leaders should help the comedians set up Kalenjin community laugh industry.

To give credit where it is due, former Bomet governor Isaac Ruto during his tenure donated sh. 3 million to Kalenjin Musician Association (KAMUA) to purchase state of the art Public Address systems that have assisted them to make money.  

“Many of us are sickly and if not for the little money that we got from hiring out PA system, we could have died long time ago,” a musician from Bomet said

Propesa is not alone, Tula from Keiyo and Brobox from Kuresoi are among the popular comedians entertaining community free of charge because they have no mentorship and capital to make enable commercialize their talents.

The family of the legendary musician Kipchamba Arap Taboituk whose songs educated, warned and still hit the community airwaves is suffering in terrible poverty with all promises made by government and leaders during his burial still pending.

When the deal was still good

Our leaders and the entire community should wake up, learn from other communities and stop wasting gifts of its people.

A leader that needs to be emulated is nominated Member of Parliament Gideon Keter who offered to take back to school two prominent musicians Marion and Winrose Chepkorir who are now in Form-two.

The two had dropped out of school due to unavoidable problems.

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