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Narok Hotel that makes hesitant lover to say “YES” 

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When Emmy Kosgei visited OSIM

Many youth can tell you how tough it is to win a “high class” lady who has gone through university education. Many of the ladies castoff young guys from their villages for civilized men from distant communities who are exposed but here is story of a hotel in Narok that enables unschooled men win high class ladies.

Educated girls hate local men for being unromantic when compared with their equals from Central and Nyanza regions. But you If have spotted a beautiful and classy lady; no need to worry, just take her to OSIM country lodge’s “lovers nest”.

OSIM that means Organization for the Survival of Indigenous Maasai is a unique hotel with distinct services owned by a matchless Masai man who adorns green outfit stripped with Kenyan flag colours from Sunday to Monday.

The side view of the lovers nest at OSIM country lodge

The nominated MP Wilson Ole Sankok says, OSIM is where the rich Maasai culture blends with modern civilization to give birth to an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility

To drive its main purpose of preserving Maa community culture while accepting the westerners, Ole Sankok derived an architectural engineering of building a special house perched on top of acacia tree known as “lovers nest”.

Lovers nest is a self-contained house where lovers and lovers to be relish sweet pleasure and whisper sweet words to each on top of umbrella shaped tree with a clear view of the winding Ewaso Ngiro River.

According Sankok, his hotel charms sequential orders for honey moon and those planning to wed though he says it is also ordeal for the old families who want to replenish their love.

OSIM staff at work

“We at OSIM we have social responsibility programs of feeding the orphans and vulnerable children within the local community and we also donate chairs to local churches to enhance the spread of the gospel” Sankok said

The nominated MP he started the hotel several years ago as the only lasting investment for his family.

“With disability, my life is so delicate and I am sure of growing weak earlier than healthy people. So to be on the safe side, I decided to make hay while the sun shines. With age diseases that make us select food must come. I don’t want to agonize when I am old. I should be able to eat what I am prescribed” he said

His wife Hellen manages the suburb firm based in Ewaso Ngiro 10 kilometres from narok town on full time basis, says her staff wears green dresses coded with a message of environmental conservation.

“ For the past four years, we have been sponsoring a football club named OSIM Ewaso Ngiro FC giving them uniforms, sports kits and transport to tournament venues within and outside Narok County” she said

Adhering to Maa culture, the hotel has organic garden and herd of dairy cows supplying milk for the hotel. “Besides these, our customers are allowed to roast full goat for themselves at cheap prices” Ms. Sankok said

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