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Why the planned Bomet Leaders’ visit to Sugoi might flop

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Deputy President William Ruto with a section of Bomet leaders in the past

The anticipated delegation of Bomet Leaders to the Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi home this weekend might not materialize, Famous South Rift learned.

This comes amidst confusion and supremacy squabbles among senior county government officials whose battles have worsened service delivery of devolved functions.

Just like President Daniel Moi who used to summon leaders, to his Kabarak home, DP Ruto has been hosting regional leaders in his Sugoi home either to lay strategies or to iron out hard-hitting issues.

Until Thursday afternoon, plans were set for all political leaders and state officers to attend the meeting summoned by the latter on Saturday in his Sugoi home, but it is now emerging that the meeting might be suspended till further notice.

According to our source, the DP wanted to iron out quarrels that have been reported at the county government in the absentia of Governor Joyce Laboso who is still under medication as well has to chart the road map of the county’s politics.

Other issues include ending dissection among the elected leaders from the region that has exposed a gap in Ruto’s backyard and that if uncurbed might give a through-pass to rebels who are ganging up.

It is said that Kingpin wants to foster a crop of leaders who will firmly guard his interests and his agenda ahead of the forthcoming referendum discussions and 2022 political realignments.

Bomet is one of the volatile regions in the Rift with a cluster of rebels who remain unbridled especially at this time when Governor Laboso is on sick-bed.

“Boss wanted to give a direction that would chart the focus of the leaders at this time when a gap is left by Laboso who is unwell,” an insider said

Ruto is seeking an alternative of addressing the matter after he made up his mind that it is wrong to publicly meet and make political deliberations in absence of area Governor.

There are worries among jubilee supporters who recently asked the DP through Famous South Rift to intervene and support the current Deputy Hillary Barchok who might be overpowered by schemes of the CCM leader Isaac Ruto.

Isaac is allegedly scheming to sabotage the performance record of his successor so that he gets an upper hand come 2022.

Those who were to attend the meeting include senior county government officials, MCAs, MPs, senator, Woman rep and state officers from the region.  

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