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Notable Differences between Isaac Ruto and Charles Keter

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A political picture describing the story

Once upon a time, the two South Rift leaders Charles Keter and Isaac Ruto were buddies who dined and wined on the same political table until distrust of supremacy battle hit and thwarted them apart.

The Rift between Keter and Isaac, who were born in 1969 and 1967 respectively, emerged while William Ruto climbed the ladder to the National politics. Each of them wanted to please DP Ruto so as to be charged with the informal leadership of Kericho and Bomet combined.

With his wily persona, Charles outfoxed Isaac and stuck by William to date through thick and thin. Consequently, DP Ruto preferred him to Isaac and this enthused bitterness in Isaac, who then protested out to form a hit squad as well as his own party before joining hands with forces determined to dethrone DP Ruto.

DP Wiliam Ruto shaking hands with Isaac Ruto

Though the two shared the same upbringing and began their political career virtually at the same time, they have distinct personalities.

Isaac joined active politics in 1997 when he was elected as Chepalungu Member of Parliament while Keter served from 2003 to 2013 as Belgut MP before he rose to Senate in 2013.

The most visible diversity between the two is that Charles has an entrepreneurial mind whereas Isaac is mediocre who thrives in empty praises and honour in public forums.

Close sources allege that when Charles invests in buying shares and properties, Isaac spends almost all of his money in publicity in social gatherings and media coverage. He is known as an outspoken leader with no or little wealth.

Deputy William Ruto with Charles Keter

While Isaac is struggling to recollect political weight using his drowsy CCM party, Charles is busy building networks to amass more wealth through business empires and placing his allies on strategic government ministries and parastatals. Isaac is green in this and all of his friends are only those who lost elections in 2017.

Keter invests outside his workplace, whereas, Isaac is a daring leader who was the main contractor in his own government when he was a Bomet governor. He owned a quarry and a fleet of Lorries that supplied all building materials for key projects done by his government.

Since he began his political journey, Charles has mastered the art of loyalty to DP Ruto, and indeed, he has reaped a lot from him. On the other hand, Isaac became an unreliable leader who jumps up and down from one quarter to another. He has been in and out of DP Ruto’s camps. He is a true example of a turncoat.

Because of proven loyalty, Charles was promoted from Senate to Cabinet Secretary by Jubilee Government in 2016 while Isaac was sent to political oblivion by voters for going to bed with NASA forces.

Even in his suffering, Isaac enjoys partying of the mighty and go home empty-handed in the evening while Charles does not waste even thirty minutes in a place where he gets no monetary profit.

A Few days ago, we all saw Keter being tasked by the DP to oversee burial plans of the late Dr. Joyce Laboso while Isaac was never given a chance to eulogize her successor because nobody trusted his sentiments.

Nowadays, as Keter is allegedly tasked to oversee the stabilization of Bomet County Government, Isaac was spotted leading a delegation of retired politicians to meet Raila Odinga in his Capitol Hill offices in Nairobi.

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