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Kipsigis Leaders in a Meeting in Kericho

Since independence, the Kipsigis spread in Kericho, Bomet and Transmara have created several leaders charged with senior government positions in all regimes but have paradoxically made no prominent businesspeople. It has similarly made no brilliant technocrats who champion for uncurled leadership.

According to traceable history, the community has fruitfully molded plenteous of self-centered leaders that end in oblivion and desperation upon retirement.

It is for this reason that politicians and Wananchi of this particular group cry of intimidation and marginalization during the division of national cake in form of projects, lucrative tenders and appointment of top government individuals.

What is the cause of this poverty? Do they live in unproductive land? No, in fact, if the claims are true, this Kalenjin sub tribe lives near the largest catchment area in the whole of Africa. Their 200,000 acres of land is occupied by tea farms owned by James Finlay, Unilever, George Williamson, and Sotik Highlands. What do they get? I don’t know.

When did the rain start beating us? Not sure, we just found elders keeping livestock as a culture in their small piece of lands and we kept the culture even after going to school.

But it must be known that once upon a time, a special person known as Nehemia Araap Suge who lives near Chepsir shopping centre was once a tycoon whose wealth gave the retired President Araap Moi sleepless nights.

Nehemia Araap Suge (Lord Suge) with former Ainamoi MP Benjamin Lagat

During Kenyatta and Moi’s era, Suge was wealthy and reputable. By the way, he was first Black Africa in Sub-Sahara to be conferred with the title (Lord) after training in Europe. This is not our interest, the case is, he was the wealthiest Kipsigis of his time until his business empire was brought down by Moi. His plots were taken; buses and trailers grounded in Kericho, Nakuru and Nairobi. We don’t know how rich he would be today if he was let to invest. He is now an ordinary poor man with no say.

His extinction killed hopes of the entire Kipsigis land leaving us with self-interested leaders and so to the people. They will not help anybody to power since they just throng Kapkatet stadium, Bomet Green stadium and Kericho Green stadium during political rallies empty-handed with total disregard to where their candidates will source campaign funds from.

Do you know why only people from Central Kenya head sensitive positions like KRA, National Treasury, Kenya Police, Military, TSC, Central Bank of Kenya and Roads& Infrastructure ministry just to mention a few?

These are key dockets that control the country’s stability and that an ordinary citizen needs for protection and prosperity. They are pillars of nation’s economic and peaceful solidity.

We have seen during elections, rarely do senior politicians from the house of Mumbi use their own funds to finance campaigns. Business tycoons usually call themselves for clandestine meetings at secret places to raise funds knowing that if specifics win, their interest is protected.

The South Rift is much far away from this truth. They are good at backbiting, blackmailing, gossiping and jealously guarding their weakening businesses.

To speak the truth, there has never been and there will never be a Kalenjin with the brains, wisdom and bravery of William Ruto in the near future. He is a sharp and energetic person who studied the system of the country and charted his road map long time ago immediately he graduated from University of Nairobi in 1990.

He has smartly perfected his language, studied political secrets and Dynamics, made wealth that is essential in leadership, made specific friends and mastered how to maneuver stumbling blocks erected on the way to Dreamland.

While the children of Mumbi drawn from across the globe and all walks of life are gathering to discuss ways and means of retaining power in their house, Kalenjin are busy hurling stones and being used to dig a hole for their own.

Unfortunately, all the economic sufferers in South rift blame DP Ruto for failing to empower them. Did Uhuru make the Equity Bank owner and Mt. Kenya University proprietor? No, found them working and so he only provided them with a cozy environment to grow. Why? It is because they have been cashing election campaigns. They know significance of power to businesses. Mumbi traders have a habit of mobilizing campaign funds and after the victory, they push for appointment of specific individuals to key positions that would come and support them.

In Kericho, the blooming businesses are owned by foreign traders. The only known people are the Mutais, Parksons, and Kipsoi (Former MCA). The rest are Indians, Kikuyus, and Somalis who saw and seized untapped opportunities.

Bishop Paul Leleito addressing a team of Kipsigis elders

Ken Biegon, of Mutai’s family that owns a fleet of trucks and trailers, is the only one who is alleged to have been supporting Kericho politicians. He is a close ally and business partner to senior politicians.

Kipsoi (Cheptsetyon) has the leading shares in the mushrooming Kuresoi tea factory producing the highly-demanded Legend Tea, Kipchimatt Super markets in Chepseon, Brook and Bomet. He is also the owner of Mbogo Valley tea Factory in Tinderet/Kericho Border.

Other trying local traders include the Parksons that own Parkmatt Supermarket. Parksons Agrovets, and Fountain Schools though they have been reserved and are not interacting well with the local community.

Chepsetyon, despite being unschooled, according to locals, is a good-hearted man who takes part in community activities as well as getting in touch with the local politicians to handleemergencues when they arise.

However, Bomet is a sleeping region, with no known business-oriented individuals. They are just known for attending political rallies in masses empty-handedly.

So with this mentality, the region should not expect any economic facelift in the near future.

We have no visionary leaders unlike, Central Kenya. A few members of the clergy among them Bishop Paul Leleito (retired) and current AGC  Presiding Bishop Lang’at have allegedly been compromised by politics and hence have no ability to use their positions to influence community into affluence.

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