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I Will Sponsor Training You Learn Your Roles, Barchok to Senator Langat

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Political enmity has officially emerged between the new Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok and the area senator Christopher Langat.
Barchok said he will take Langat back to school to learn his roles so as to stop inciting the public against county officials over shortage of drugs in health facilities.
” It is awkward for the senator to incite locals against public officers by accusing them of failing to ensure the availability of drugs yet he was aware of the financial challenges the counties had for three months” he said

Bomet Governor Dr. Hillary Barchok

The two leaders who were both University lecturers and Africa Gospel Church preachers have now rolled sleeves off their shirts and entered a wrestling stage over what each perceives to be undermining efforts.
Barely two months in office, the former University don seems to have developed muscles to mercilessly hit back at both the leaders and locals who are opposed to his leadership.
He was taken for a frail man who could be easily worked over by the experienced Bomet politicians but he has depicted characteristics of a person who can’t handle or rather entertain criticism.

Bomet Senator langat

The later had to use the media to sound a stun warning to his senator to stop fighting county staff.
According to Governor Barchok, drug shortage was occasioned by the differences between the Senate and the National Assembly over budget.
Langat had questioned the acute shortage of drugs in county hospitals under the watch of departmental heads.
However, this happens as bloggers of the former Governor Isaac Ruto and those of the late Joyce Laboso led by Patrick Cheruiyot launched war against the governor saying he has no agenda for the county.
After the arrest of one of their own who was judged with defaming the latter, they warned him to change or else they sabotage his leadership.
The area women rep Joyce Korir and Bomet Central MP Ronald Tanui have also withdrawn the promise they had made to support him.

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