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Letter to IG Mutyambai on Female Police Oppression.

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By Albine Kirui

With all due respect to the, I .G Hillary Mutyambai ,
I air my protest in relation to a policewoman who had wished to be heard like a woman in grief but ended up being hammered and humiliated and her duties relieved.
I will not mince my words but shoot randomly in my critique, after all, I’m not trained like the police officers to shoot on the target squarely either with words or a loaded gun.
I will rather protest like an ordinary civilian who noticed miscarriage of justice being procured by those in power.

Inspector of police Hillary mutyambai

Apart from the uniform and the boots and obviously the G3 that made Jane Asimizi a police officer she is woman first.
Apart from being a woman she is a wife and a mother,
The grievances against the service must have been piling up and boiling at overwhelming degrees.
The frustration from her bosses all mixed up with her family life escalated the situation .

She is an experienced soldier ,
She has been in service for more than seventeen years ,
She was a diligent and a committed soldier which saw her earn three stripes of promotion on her shoulder.
She is a brave Turkana woman and could have been quite easy for her to vent her hunger using her gun.
It was quite easy for her to spray bullets to the said Wakubwa and take her own life,
Maybe on second thoughts like a mother, she thought of her children,
She thought it was better to shout her heart out than do the unimaginable,

Those Wakubwa who were rattled like snakes Instead of going to the root cause of the officer’s frustrations added salt to the already painful wound.

Instead of giving extreme counseling to the officer, the I.G supported the Wakubwa network by sending the officer on compulsory leave .
The police service acted fast on the aggrieved woman officer as if she had burnt down a police station.

We hear stories of rogue officers colluding with gangsters,
We hear of corrupt officers,
We know of of officers who indulge in alcohol while on duty,
We never hear of action rolling fast on them like it rolled on the poor woman soldier,
We never hear of them being relieved of their duties fast like they did to Jane.

When Asbel Kiprob got frustrated and threatened to kill himself the I.G comforted him like a small baby but on Jane’s case because she touched the Wakubwa network she had been chased like a dog and her dignity as a woman stripped.

I don’t support the corrupt Wakubwa network ,
Justice for Jane .

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