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Mosonik Roots for Establishment of Basic Facilities in Schools

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Eng Mosonik CAS Petroleum

While avoiding politics, the Mining and Petroleum Chief Administrative Secretary Eng.John Mosonik has since been delving for a transformed society through education, youth and women empowerment, building sunctuaries, challenging parents, students and boards of management of various schools in his home area never to settle for less.

During the commissiong of Administration block at Kimolwet boys secondary school in Bomet earlier today, the CAS, said it is worth investing time and resources in education of children.

The only national government executive from the region said, the jubilee administration has kept the promises it made towards boosting the academic standards in the country by availing the much needed resources adding that it is nolonger necessary for children to go to Alliance or Starehe Centre in order to pass in exams.


“Because education is the only tool to open up the minds of our people and earn them respect at the national or global table, we as leaders should concert our efforts to support it,” he said

He said all schools should have important facilities which include laboratories, classrooms, since many government institutions which include CDF, County Governments and the Ministry of Education.

With appropriate leadership, local schools will also perform well since all Kenyan teachers receive the same education and use the same syllabus books.

According to the former Infrastructure PS, economies that are doing well, provided the meaningful education to it’s young people which include technical training.

” We are also glad that our government has established Technical Training Institutes (TTIs) in every constituency and we should therefore, encourage our children to pursue these courses and upon graduation they should register companies and employ themselves,” he said

He however, while more efforts are out on education, provision of medical services to all, is Paramount saying healthy people builds a healthy nation.

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