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How Ababu Namwamba is Lavish Schedule in jubilee Government

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As Cabinet secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Chief Administrative secretaries are besieged with protracted political milieu in the country marred with reshuffles, realignment, Handshake and anticipation of BBI report, one Kenyan CAS is busy eating the fruits of jubilee government.

The CAS is none other than the former Budanlangi MP who is the current CAS Foreign Affairs, has gone quiet and off the public domain some time.

As pushes and pulls endure in the country, full of reshuffles, BBI and handshake impacts, Ababu fond of sumptuous lifestyle, is busy enjoying live in Europe and Asian countries pursuing partnership openings that none has been brought to public a success story.

In Southern Sudan

As assistant to the Cabinet secretary, he a times represents her in diplomatic duties, such as hosting foreign world leaders and going on state visits to other countries.

He takes advantage of her unspoken boss, Monicah Juma who is now aging and has no more interests in foreign countries.

For the past three days, Ababu has been in Azerbaijan representing President Uhuru.

Amb. Ramiz Hasanov, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Representing President Uhuru in Head of States meeting in Azerbaija

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