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A Senior Politician Reveals Why He Sent Daughter To Rural University

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“Universities in North America, Asia, and Europe that attract a large number of the children of Africa’s ruling elites are not different from the ones we have in Kenya,” These are words of Kericho Governor Prof. Paul Chepkwony whose first-born daughter graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Kabianga.

According to the second-term Governor,  if a man does not eat at home, he may never give his wife enough money to cook a good pot of soup.

The chemistry professor says, his decision was informed by the knowledge that local institutions lack nothing and that a student that grows and evolves within the local environment, will be able to solve emerging issues with ease.

He says, as a father who means well for his children, after visiting various universities across the globe, he, is confident that his children are getting quality education at the local universities.

 “All students are equally intelligent we only need to believe in our institutions because they have qualified professors,” the man of many surprises said

In an exclusively interview with County Post, the governor said, sending children to local universities will help to assess the real quality of the domestic higher education institutions and will contribute to the rise of patriotism among these young people.

Kericho Governor Prof. Paul Chepkwony

“If we flee our institutions and look for education abroad, there will be no one to improve education systems and infrastructural challenges in our institutions,” he said

According to a Kericho resident, Chepkwony unlike other politicians who relocate immediately after elections never detached himself from the common mwananchi.

“I thought, I failed to let my daughter study in Kabianga but my heart was aroused to see Governor Chepkwony stand with his daughter at the graduation square. He has given us hope and assurance that our children got the quality Education” Judy Mutai said

Ms. Mutai challenged politicians who lead luxurious lifestyles in the city suburbs while their backyards are troubled by unresolved problems, to emulate patriotism of Kericho Governor.

Kenyan universities have reportedly been poorly funded and lecturers union has been routinely striking to protest poor salaries because local leaders overlook their situations.

In recent years, academic tourism among the families of the ruling class is a reason to worry, because they have no confidence in the academic systems they oversee.

However, those who are not able to send them abroad prefer high-ranked institutions like Strathmore University, Catholic University of East Africa and the University of Nairobi.

The Russian parliament has passed a bill stipulating that Russian officials should not educate their children at Universities in foreign countries to avoid divorcing the ruling class from the common people.

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