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Embarrassment that Made DP Prematurely Leave Bomet Event

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Deputy President in Bomet

A leader should always be on top of the game but what transpired yesterday in Bomet during the Deputy President William Ruto’s visit revealed a crack if not a vacuum in Bomet County leadership.

After presiding over two events in Kericho, the tireless DP flew to Bomet for another event and while Governor Hillary Barchok with his team were lined up eager to receive DP at Bomet Teachers Training College grounds, DP landed at Bomet Green stadium, the venue where he was received by CS Charles Keter and CAS Eng. John Mosonik who were already at the venue.

Learning that the event was poorly planned and several leaders among them MCAs were conspicuously absent because of Barchok’s undoing, the furious DP spent less than 15 minutes in he was gone.

On learning of his arrival, Barchok and his team had to rush to the venue to find the guest already seated and the event is on.

” The governor showed a lot of confusion and unpreparedness in his government. It was visibly clear that he is not working with other leaders and this infuriated the DP,” our inner source confided

Besides, his, style of leadership, many supporters of the late Governor Laboso have pulled out their support in protest of the recent DG appointment where Barchok without proper consultation rejected Laboso’s close friends and family members to go for the little known and inactive David Rotich.

According to local analysts, by picking a DG not known in the system and who has no ground backing, he fried himself with his own fat.

” By doing this, he gave the region that had since devolution dispensation enjoyed publicity and development a total blackout,” he said

The fundraiser was in aide of Kuppet to build a business building and Barchok contributed sh. 200,000 while his Deputy who was seated next to him gave sh. 10,000.

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