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Likely & the Unlikely in Bomet Gubernatorial Race

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Governor Hillary Barchok

With barely two years down to the much-hyped 2022 general elections, residents of the always volatile Bomet County have begun political realignment discussion at the grapevine, social media, and the main stream media.

Besides politicking being a culture in the region, such premature debates are kindled by the frail leadership of Governor Hillary Barchok that is unable to meet people’s expectations. Public opinions from a randomly done survey disclose that Barchok will be sent to parking as early as 7:00 in the morning of Election Day, should he try to defend the seat.

The Governor, who is now faced by irresistible rebellion from the public across twenty-five wards and County staff, is being haunted by his charisma. Accuse him of being hungry for public money, so reclusive, vengeful and has no agenda for the county.

Senator Christopher Lang’at

“Barchok is a hard-to-understand leader who has no interest of people at heart. He is so weak and besides isolating himself from other local leaders, when he took over, he started punishing and demoting county staffs that were closely allied to Laboso for no apparent reason. Ezra Kirui, the once vibrant Director of Communication is one of them,” an employee who sought anonymity revealed

The county boss is better described by the viral revelation of how he misused sh. 8 million to buy a desk worth Ksh. 775, 000, flower stand worth Ksh. 57, 000,executive chair worth – Ksh. 293, 000 and a bookshelf worth – Ksh. 400, 000.

Names of former Governor Isaac Ruto, Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui, Senator Christopher Langat, and the Petroleum and Mining CAs Dr. (Eng) John Mosonik have featured in the list of possible contenders.  

Ronald Tonui (Bomet Central MP) is a second term MP and obviously the longest serving leader legislator at the county. With his unionism spirit, he has been organizing demonstrations to attack Isaac Ruto, Laboso and now Barchok but he has no administrative skills and development agenda.

So, Tonui will undoubtedly not sell beyond Bomet Central. He is a never a challenge equally to Senator Langa’t who has been criticized for being unreachable and a fibber who never keeps small promises.

“Ronald Tonui has no administrative portray and development records. He only thrives in a few hoodlums he has hired to publicize him and fight rivals.  Senator Christopher Langat, in fact is now a liability to residence, he only waits for functions presided by the DP to suffice in the region otherwise nobody knows him” Kibet Koech said

Kones, who has unsuccessfully vied for the county top seat twice, is no longer picking, he had chance in 2013 but his sluggish personality was challenged by Isaac and in 2017, he had no convincing message to sell so 2022 will be much worse for him. He is now Lake Victoria North Water services official and completely has nothing to sell. His chance time is gone. He was former Konoin one-term MP.

Isaac Ruto has been in Bomet politics for almost 25 years now. He was Chepalungu MP and the first Governor of Bomet who spent millions of public money in own businesses, issuance of handouts to supporters and publicity but today does not have even a single mega project established by his administration. He is more of a comedian than an administrator.

“Isaac spent public money to start and face-lift his Chama Cha Mashinani and also to fight Deputy President William Ruto. He portrayed no agenda for the people. Instead of bringing resources home with DP, he dined and wined with selfish individuals like Raila and Gideon Moi to satisfy his ego,” John Mutai said

Bomet residents are now craving for a development champion and with Isaac’s wanting record and his non-starter political party that is being used to blackmail the DP, Bomet residents will completely send him out of political arena.

He could only be safe if he will decide to shelf pride, make a quick about-turn to ditch the Rift caucas he is now chairing and support Deputy President but his chances appear minimal since with his turncoat character, the DP will not get him a space in his inner circle.

Dr. Mosonik, besides being well-oiled, he is a nationally admired workaholic who while he was the PS for ministry of roads and infrastructure, presided over construction of more than 10,000 kilometres of rural roads across the 47-counties.

With his vast experience in Infrastructure, Management and Finance, Mosonik being a man of few words and a lot of work, he is the much-needed leader to pull Bomet out of unemployment, no market for agricultural produce and lack of development projects.

Dr. (Eng) John Mosonik, Mining and Petroleum CAS

Eng. Mosonik holds a Doctorate in Business Administration-Strategic Leadership (Northcentral University, USA), MBA Project Management (Durham University, UK), MSc. Finance (Leicester University, UK), MSc. Strategic Focus (Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK) and BSc. Electrical Engineering from the University of Nairobi.

He also has wealth of experience spanning for over thirty (30) years, gained in both Public and Private Sectors. He has previously worked as Deputy Managing Director at Telkom Kenya Limited, Industrialization Secretary in the Ministry of Industrialization, General Manager at Gilgil Telecom Industries and as Director for Strategy at Sameer Group ICT Companies.

Dr. Mosonik  is trained in various fields including Petroleum Project Economics and Risk Analysis, Management of International Petroleum Projects, Corporate Governance, Advanced ISO 9001:2 Certification programs, Advanced Telecoms Engineering Management, Executive Management and Telecoms Network.

1 thought on “Likely & the Unlikely in Bomet Gubernatorial Race

  1. Beyond no doubt, Isack has proved to be a comedian not administrator. We the people of Bomet should go for fresh leadership, sober minds with sense of humanity. A leader who is willing to uplift the standards of its electorate. A leader who does not build his politics through handouts. Handouts during Isack regime promoted poverty, ignorance and illiteracy which Isack banked on so much. ( He believes that leading an illiterate and poor society is easy)

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