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Isaac Ruto Humiliated and Chased Away By Angry Residents

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 The attempt by former Bomet Governor to address Bomet residents on Monday came to a premature end after he was heckled by furious residents who called him names before chasing him away.

In a viral video, a group of people caused a scene when they denied him a chance to speak and instead asked him what he did to the county residents in the five years of his leadership.

“Get out of here you lad, what did you do for us during your five-year tenure as a governor. You have nothing to tell us get out of this place” a crowd said

The locals said, if he (Ruto) had served the locals, he could be enjoying respect today but because he is a failure, they have no time for him.

“We are no longer chumps to laugh at your empty rhetoric, if you have money, just give us and go,” some people in the crowd chanted

His comic language hit a hard rock when he was silenced by irate residents while trying to develop an analogy that he has an empty pump, with no medicine to spray them “I have a pump but no medicine, you are the once who made it dry” soon after saying this he got all sorts of insults that made him to speed off.

This means, his sting of entertaining locals with comic language is gone, and Bomet residents appear to be fed-up with leaders with no development records.

Isaac Ruto has been Anti-Deputy President Crusader who was sent to parking for being perceived as a traitor to the community but soon after he lost, he teamed up with DP Ruto-rebels who are now pro-ODM BBI.

Isaac was among the people being seen as front-runners of the 2022 gubernatorial seat alongside the incumbent Dr. Hillary Barchok, Dr. John Mosonik and Bomet Central MP Ronald Tanui.

His humiliation appears to be fury of residents who are mad at him for continued habit of always going to bed with torturers of Deputy President Wiliam Ruto.

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