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Mad Kenyans Undress President Uhuru, Raila On US Senators Facebook Post

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Thousands of Kenyans on social media made comments embarrassing President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition Raila Odinga in response to a post made by U.S Senator Chris Coons on his Facebook page.

The Democrat Senator who has close ties with Kenya came to Kenya in 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 where besides attending National Prayer Breakfast meetings in Nairobi had been visiting Mathare and Kibera slums.

The fluent Swahili speaker in his posts usually attracts less than 1000 but his post about President Uhuru and Raila earned him over 21K negative comments.

” This morning, I was honored to listen to President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga speak about how they overcame deep, generational ethnic divisions in Kenya to form a nationwide Building Bridges Initiative after last year national breakfast in Nairobi” Croons post read

But out is the 21,000 comments made, over 90 percent teared decided to undress the two publicly revealing that the said BBI is a selfish agenda that has torn the country apart more than it was.

Dominating were sarcastic messages that told Croon to keep them in the U S alleging that Kenya has witnessed unrivaled peace and calmness in their absence.

” The only gift Trump Administration can give 47 million Kenyans is to kidnap the two goons and drop them at Wuhan city in China for Coronavirus to take its course” Robert Muriuki said in his comment.

Linaah Daisy Mwende said ” Don’t release their hands, drop them at Bermuda triangle. since they left our country has experienced peace and the embattled Deputy President has now relaxed. we are dealing with locusts only, no BBI noise, which wile will vote it No”

Samuel Muchiri ” Good that Chris you can hear what Kenyans are saying, bure kabisa”

Junior Kahuru said ” They are political conmene, one wants to cling on power and the other one will not accept election results”

” This reminds me of the crucifixion, you have two thieves by you Senator, Kenyans will also crucify you” Saddiq Mwachala said

Ianvictor Mejja made a conditional message that if the US will keep the two Kenyans in their country, Kenyans would give them oil free of charge.

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