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Raymond Hands Over Political Rod to Gideon Moi

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Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has officially inherited the familial political leadership after his elder brother handed him the rod passed to him from his father moments before burial.

Raymond and Gideon

In Kalenjin, community, upon the passing on of a father, the elder son automatically assumes leadership roles in the family.

After the death of former President Daniel Moi’s eldest son Jonathan Moi last year, Rongai MP Jonathan became the potential successor of his fathers role.

According to Kalenjin tradition, some of the roles and responsibilities coming with the assumption if such position, include being the decision maker and official family spokesperson.

But to Moi, Raymond was categorical that he only hands over political role to his younger brother who has been outspoken in the family.

Raymond, just stamped what already existed because when their father was alive, Gideon had already been made the Kanu party leader.

Going forward, Gideon avowed to do is best to revive his father’s party by working closely with leaders of like minded.

When it comes the Kalenjin community headship, the Deputy President William Ruto is the only tall man standing taking over from Moi.

After making it to the Legco, Moi just after 1955 was crowned by community elders to be their but upon his retirement, DP Ruto was crowned in 2006 at an event held in Eldoret.

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