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Governor Threatens to Sue Journalists Investigating A CO Pocketing Salary Off the Duty

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Kericho CO for Preventive and Promotive Health, Dr. Winnie Rotich/ photo courtesy: CG website

Kericho Governor Prof. Paul Chepkwony through his lawyer Peter Wanyama this evening threatened to sue Journalists investigating allegations of an officer in his administration who has allegedly been out of office for more than a year while enjoying full pay.

Giving him a right of reply as per the journalistic regulations, our Journalist texted the governor seeking his position and he swiftly made a phone call that lasted for more than 20 minutes.

In the recorded conversation, though the County boss denied the claims, made stunning revelations hinting existence of such a case.

The boss said he had earlier heard of the story claiming that he bought a lavish home for his side-chick in Athi River controrary to the ongoing stories talking of Karen.

Our sources wanted the EAC investigate the last time the Chief Officer in charge of Preventive and Promotive Health Dr. Winnie Rotich reported to work and whether she has been enjoying full salary in the duration she has been out of office.

According to Kericho County official website, Dr. Rotich is still a serving Chief Officer but sources at the County have not seen her since she was released for maternity leave almost two years ago.

At some point, the boss suggested to pay the firm some amount in order to keep off the matter but later own tried to fix them accept some pay in order to fall into a trap of extortion.

” He suggested that he gives us some pay to end the long story short, but as an investigative Journalist, I wasn’t ready to accept any pay but wanted to keep him on track so as to astablish the truth of of the matter,” our Journalist said

Later on, he suggested some amount and shortly used his lawyer to threaten us of extortion claims in order to silence the whole investigation of public interest.

” If you want to publish the article; go ahead. Stop sending extortionist messages to the Governor. I will formally take this up with the DCI and also take remedial civil litigation measures. Dont play around” his lawyer Peter Wanyama wrote

However, the media fraternity warns of a latest trend in town of using lawyers to gag the media from running stories of public interest.

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