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MP Ngeno Hosts Thousands, Says Kalenjins in Narok To Stay

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Leaders during Emurua b Dikkir rally

A few days after the arrest of Emurua Dikkir MP Johanna Ngeno that he hosted thousands of members of public and tenths of political leaders gathered at Emurua Dikkir Primary school grounds on Friday

The furious legistlator at the event said Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina should first consult with his elders to learn the history Kalenjin settlement in Narok before spreading divisive remarks.

” Don’t bother Uhuru and Raila, just go to your elders and ask them when and how did the Kalenjins settle in Narok in 1890s. We are here to stay no Kalenjin will be moved” he said

He added that they know their boundaries and that many places with Kalenjin names at the county have got historical meanings that Ledama should first know before chest-thumbing.

The attendees declared in one voice that BBI of incitement, intimidation and disrespect to the Deputy President William Ruto must stop.

Attendees of the rallly

Following the divisive remarks from Ole Kina, the members of Kalenjin community stood their ground that they are settling at the County legally and will never be intimidated by tribal haters.

” BBI of incitement, ethnic profiling must stop. We will stand for justice to the last day and Deputy President William Ruto must be respected” Ngeno said

The Transmara residents who have been victims of ethnic violence for decades at the border said, they will not fight with their neighbors because of selfish politics but will uphold peace and unity.

” We have been victims of ethnic clashes for several decades and so we came here to confirm divisive remarks from selfish leaders and preach peace love and unity to prevail.” Jackson Mosoin said

They sent a welcomed ODM politicians to take part in BBI without undermining the Deputy President of the republic of Kenya.

Some of the leaders present were Bureti MP Japhet Mutai, Ronald Tanui (Bomet Cebtral) and several MCAs.

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