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Finally, Ruto’s Goose is Cooked

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Eventually, with total disregard of the short and long-term consequences, President Uhuru Kenyatta has silently announced that before exiting the office, he will do exactly what his political father Daniel Moi wished.

The Deputy President William Ruto

It is in general public knowledge that Jubilee was co-owned by both Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto but it’s now single-habdedly being sold to an imported successor who is being mentored.

” After referendum failed, the determined deep state comprising under watch of the first family devised a move to block William from ascending to presidency come 2022,” a political analyst explains

The plan, is to use Gideon Moi to end Ruto’s political journey but how? today on Monday, Uhuru will meet Jubilee senators loyal to him who will be asked to make GM, an official leader of Jubilee-Kanu outfit and consequently replace Kipchumba Murkomen as Senate Majority leader.

That’s not enough, according to a section of the agreement at the office of registrar of political parties, the post election coalition will still be permitted to sign more deals with other parties.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Gideon Moi

After Gideon is made the main man in the coalition, the deep state will make him sign a deal with Raila Odinga’s ODM party and negotiate power sharing in 2022 general elections.

This means, the recent changes of Jubilee’s officials that were published forcefully by it’s Secretary General despite the thousands of protest letters from Ruto’s quarters was a precusor to what’s now happening.

However, according to a source from Uhuru’s kitchen cabinet, after meeting the senators and MPs, Uhuru will reconstitute his cabinet and entire executive, to kick out a few remaining Ruto’s allies then replace with Kanu sympathizers.

The plan, is to completely disarm Ruto and keep him in the dark and out of the government come by 2022 with the most imminent is to kick out all his allies out of parliamentary leadership.

At this point, Ruto has no options but to look for a new political party that he will use in 2022 but the sad story is, the dynasties will use government machinery to ensure he doesn’t takeover the country’s leadership.

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