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DP Rutos Sensational Message to Leutinenants

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Deputy President William Ruto

While many are questioning the whereabouts of the Deputy President William Ruto while his leutenants are being axed, we have established that he is doing private talks from his soldiers every county.

On Thursday, it was the turn of his soldiers from Nakuru County where he issued a sensational message urging them to stay put.

“Do what they want but know where you belong, when the right time comes you will prove your loyalty to them,”

He said, what is happening to him is popularizing his presidential bid in the country and ganging up against one person is just desperate moves that shows the public that he his more strong.

” You all know that i am a product of a series of conspiracies but again you should know that nothing stops a determined person” Ruto said

He further added that many people are not succeeding in life because they can’t surmount the pressure and do not know how to use enemies.

To the nominated members he advised them to follow comply with the orders.

” I am aware that most of you have loans and pending projects, you should not be subjected to problems because of me. Do as they tell you but when the right time comes, retreat to your base” he said

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