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Nakuru hoteliers appeal for six month tax relief

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Many hotels have been forced to ask workers to stay at home on unpaid leaves due to the harsh economic times

Merica hotel in Nakuru. Many hotels have scaled down operations or closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Nakuru Hotel owners association has lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta over the most recent economic stimulus package to hotel owners amounting to Ksh 4 billions

However the association through its chairman Former Nakuru Mayor Benson Mwangi has raised concerns over the final beneficiaries of the package.

The hoteliers are now rooting for a criteria that will see them have a say on how the money is utilsied.

According to them, the money can only be of help to them if its is given to banks who will then advance loans to hotel owners.

Mwangi observes that the loans should be interest free and those taking them should be given a six month grace period before they can start paying.

They are also proposing that part of the money be given to the Kenya Revenue Authority which will then shield hoteliers from paying taxes and levies charged by both governments.

The association Secretary General Kibithe Githung’a has said that its members are going through hell adding that then 4 billion could go along way in cushioning them only if it is utilized properly.

Githung’a has added that despite the announcement of re-opening of hotels by the national government, Health officials from the same administration re-ordered their closure that has led to firing of more than 1000 hotel workers who are languishing in poverty at home for the loss of jobs in various hotels across the county

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