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MP Cheboi Accused of Ditching DP Ruto’s Camp

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Moses Cheboi

A section of politicians and locals who are diehards of Deputy President William Ruto fom Nakuru have said the National Assembly Deputy speaker Moses Cheboi as a wolf who was pretending to be a sheep in their camp.
A member of National Assembly from a neighbouring constituency who sought anonymity said the Cheboi has since be unreliable.
” It is now clear that he hasn’t been a true friend to Deputy President but a spy serving the interests of anti-Ruto forces,” the MP said
Sirikwa Member of County Assembly Alfred Mutai once his friend-turned-foe said, the MP has always have questionable trust.
” In 2013, he was elected on Kanu ticket but towards the end of the term he eyed for Deputy Speaker’s post and to drive his agenda he shifted his loyalty from Gideon MOI to Ruto just to gain the seat. So he is now back to Moi’s side,” the MCA said
Mutai, added that it is now clear that throughout his stay in Ruto’s camp, the MP has been an agent of the Kanu chair Gideon MOI.
” We are aware of a series of meetings that he has been doing with Gideon to chart a map of their future against DP Ruto,” he said

Sirikwa MCA Alfred Mutai

Cheboi traces his friendship with Moi’s family to his time of secondary school when he  was a student leader, when former President MOI gave him an opportunity to fly with him to Rwanda.
However, he is said to have used affiliation with Ruto to replace the late former Sotik MP Joyce Laboso as Deputy Assembly speaker.
Bernard Koech, a Kuresoi resident, faulted the MP for failing to use his influence and wide network to draw development projects to his constituency.
” We have been seeing him whining and dining with senior leaders in this country but it is unfortunate that his constituency doesn’t have a single tarmack road,” Koech added
Cheboi has been “playing smart” in his position able to please the Deputy President and President Uhuru Kenyatta who has been is close ally.
 In January 2019, the third term MP was among few leaders who were selected to accompany President Uhuru to Kinshasa to attend inauguration ceremony of Congolese President Felix Tshekedi.
Also, after the Multimillion  Itare dam project in his constituency stalled, the MP never uttered a word but DP Ruto with his allies were accused of misappropriation of funds.
Efforts to get a comment from the MP went futile after phone calls went unanswered and failed to reply messages.

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