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A well-wisher Answers Anticipated Prayers of Disabled Woman in Rongai

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Divya Nitin Shah

Jane Cherotich, a mother of three living with disability that paralyzed her lower limbs making her to crawl today is a happy a happy person after her prayers for basic needs was answered.

Besides her physical dsability, poverty has pushed her to a corner of helplessness living in a two-metre square single room together with her three children and husband.

She narrates that since she got married to her loving and caring husband ten years ago, the family has been sleeping on a bare ground without bed, mattresses and blankets but have always been praying to God for material blessings.

” My husband used to work in a sisal farm but he was laid-off and now depends on rarely found casual chores in people’s farms to buy us food,” she said

Earlier, the husband told County Post that whenever he gets a job, he earns at least sh. 200 wage by the end of the day and he struggles to pay food leaving no coin to buy beddings or clothes for the wife and children.

” After I was laid-off and kicked out of a sisal farm owned by a mzungu, life has been uneasy, so I came to request for a well-wisher to allow us live here, but he denied us to dig a pit latrine. So besides lack of beddings, we rely on neighbours toilets,’ he said

During our visit a week ago, he appealed for a well-wisher to help them get food and basic needs and today the family prayers were answered when a Nakuru resident Divya Nitin Shah delivered mattresses, blankets, T-shirts and assorted food to their home in Kinoyo village in Rongai.

Divya, a member of Nakuru branch Visa Oshwal has been mobilising resources from her family and friends to help needy families and for the past 13 years of her charity work, she has touched over 30,000 families.

Divya giving a blanket to a little children whose mother is disbled

” This is my daily duty, I am just but a housewife but I thank my family for allowing me to reach out to needy people. I am doing this, in appreciation to God who has been our source of blessings that we have today,” she said

She has donated different goods to churches, children’s homes, street children, prisons, individual Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in homes, and group donations to PWDs and the elderly.

” I appreciate my husband, parents and entire family for supporting me. Whenever I have needs, I share with them and they greatly help me. I have also been donating assistive devices to persons living with disabilities,” Nitin said

Jane Cherotich receives donations from Divya

Last Sunday, Divya with the support of Visa Oswal Nakuru branch, and Visa Oswal’s local women’s wing(Shree Oswal Mahila Mandal) donated packages of food to over 500 people drawn from eleven Subcounties in Nakuru in Menengai social hall.

She has so been participating in tree planting in public institutions like Milimani law courts in Nakuru as a way of inspiring locals to play a role in environmental protection.

The philanthropist attributes her commitment to religious teachings and sympathy for humanity.

“All we have belongs to God, we are just but custodians, so we should all learn to help one another wherever possible so that we all live a modest life for the glory of our Creator,” she said

To facilitate her activities, she collaborates with local government officials which include Chiefs, Ward and Subcounty Administrators.

Nitin was received by Rongai Subcounty administrator Ben Yatich and Nakuru County Deputy Director of Political Affairs Wilfred Chebochok.

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