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Indian Woman in Nakuru Touches Lives Through Charity Work

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Divya Shah who has been doing charity work in Rift Valley for the past 13 years

An Indian woman living in Nakuru town has for the past 13 years warmed the hearts of many residents for mobilising resources from family and friends to donate food and basic needs to the sick, elderly, street children, disabled and orphaned children.

Aware of the challenges, Divya Shah says she wants to improve livelihood of individuals, families and communities, through charity work as appreciation to God.

” I came to Kenya 22 years ago from India after wedding an Indian man whose family has been in the country since colonial era and throughout my stay, I have seen with sympathy that many people are living a pitiable life with no basic needs,” she said

Soon after the 2007 post-election violence that impoverished countless people who lost property to merciless infernos , Divya was touched and invoked to start a charitable work to help those that didn’t have food and clothes.

Encouraging people to love and care for one another regardless of their ethnic variations, Divya says she has supported thousands of street children, widows, orphans, disabled and the poor persons in several Rift Valley Counties towns.

” Human race is one, and our creator is one, if God has blessed you to be better than the rest, you are indebted to uplift a needy person to better level because even if we amass what amount of money and properties, we will leave this world empty-handed,” she said

Divya Shah feeding street children near Gioto campsite in Nakuru

While speaking to County Post, in Menengai social hall when she distributed assorted food relief to over 500 needy families on Sunday, Ms. Shah, said she is just a house wife who has been blessed by God to live a modest life.

” I came to Kenya 22 years a go after wedding Nitin Shah, a Kenyan in India whose family has lived in Kenya since pre-colonial era. I am a housewife with no single relative in the country but I love Kenyans and feel that all of us should live a decent life,” she says.

Last Sunday, Divya mobilised her family and friends from her community to support over 500 needy people who went home with maize flour, wheat flour, cooking oil and rice to cushion them during this time of coronavirus pandemic.

She recently donated food inmates at Milimani Prisons, food to street children in Nakuru town and visited several children’s homes in Kitale.

The Visa Oshwal Nakuru Women’s League chair, says whenever she gets a request of donation or sees, a very needy case that a community graves for, he takes an initiative to solicit funds from well-shers who are mostly family members and friends in India, Kenya and beyond.

” Every time I walk around the Kenyan towns, I see several people living pathetic lives in streets, others in prisons and moreso, the orphaned children in various homes. I have therefore never held any donation back to benefit me,” she said while attributing her inspiration to Hindu religion and human heart.

She however, thanked her 82 year old mother in-law, Kastubin Shah for being supportive during the exercise.

” I want to thank my husband, family and friends who have solidly stood with me and today I can proudly say I have touched lives and will continue doing so,” she said

Shah who envisions to go spread across the country, has been to countless children’s homes in Nakuru, Kitale, Eldoret, Kericho and other parts of the county.

The mother of one, argues that his husband is doing a successful business in Nakuru town, she is just a happy and contented housewife that wants to touch more lives in appreciation to God.
Her mother in-law showered her praises that although she is just a housewife, she spends most of her time helping the needy without getting anything back in return.

” I am now 82, and I came to Kenya at a age of 6. Our entrepreneuring family has been living well here in Nakuru and my children are doing successful businesses across the county. The only way to thank God is by helping the needy,” Kastubin said

She says her daughter in-law has been doing good job and she has full family backup.

Divya last week met with Nakuru Social Services CEC Eng. Lucy Kariuki, CO Dr. William Migwi and PWDs ambassador Philip Rotich who promised to keep supporting her good gesture.

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