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People with disabilities in Kenya Hit Hard By Coronavirus Pandemic

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Divya Nitin Shah visits a disabled Tabitha Wanjiru in Kiamaina, Nakuru

People With Disabilities (PWD) are the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Politicians, individuals and organisations have been donating food without putting in place clear measures to ensure they reach this group.

The disabled always find themselves in the middle of stampedes as they cannot push and shove through crowds to get a share of the food rations, but save for those who have been deliberately targeted by well-wishers.

Since April when the effects of the pandemic escalated, Divya Nitin Shah, a resident of Nakuru town has been giving people living with disabilities, their caregivers and vulnerable members of the society face masks, hand sanitisers and food.

Ruth, a caregiver of Tabitha receives the donations

Yesterday, Divya visited Tabitha Wanjiru, a 18 years old girl in Kiamaina ward in Bahati Subcounty, a girl who lives for today and has no hope for tomorrow.

It is said that a misfortune cannot strike twice but to Tabitha, the saying is not true. She
has gone through successive storms. The girl was born with a disability of albinism and later in 2013 developed an acute brain menegitis that has paralyzed her and took a way all body senses.

Divya advises Ruth

” She can’t walk, she is not expressing herself, she just sits on her bed throughout the day and so to the night. She atimes in the middle of the night makes noises and though I understand that there is a problem, I can’t clearly know,” her elder Sister Ruth said

To add insults to a paining injury, her mother that used to care for her died living her behind alongside other four children with the last born aged 8 also being an albino.

Ruth is a form-four student at a nearby day school near their home and because her father is a long distance truck driver who is rarely at home, she always multitasks her schooling with caregiving her sister.

On learning this, Ms. Divya in a company of Mauche Member of County Assembly (MCA) Philip Rotich visited her with a package of personal items and foodstuffs for the family.

Shah promised to always follow-up with Tabitha’s progress to ensure that she gets the best possible care.

Ruth further appealed for well-wishers to help with finances to aid her sister get medical assessment and therapy to see her live longer.

Rotich who is so County Ambassador for PWD also promised to liaise with Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui to help Tabitha undergo medical screening thanked Shah for caring for the needy in the society.

“This is a commendable job, we recently delivered food from Nakuru County government but we know that more is still needed. We thank well-wishers who are helping the needy to supplement governnment’s efforts,” he said

After Bahati, the duo visited Kithian Cherutich Rerimoy, in Nakuru County Level 5 hospital, 5 year-old boy from Rongai who can’t walk, turn or eat.

Kithian Cherutich being inspected by a doctor in Nakuru hospital

He is emaciated with swollen lymps and before he was brought to the hospital by Rotich, has been crying day long at home.

The boy is being raised by a poor single mother who can’t afford to buy food after he was abandoned by his husband.

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