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How the Hustler Narrative Could Affect The Country

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By Nick Kibet

Hustler Wheelbarrows

In a strategy to sell his “Hustler Nation” tag, Deputy President William Ruto in the recent days has been welcoming group of youth doing small and medium entreprises for empowerment activities to his Karen home dubbed “Huslers’ Mansion”.

It is predictable and foreseeable that
the hustler slogan will create a paradigm shift in country’s politics.

The main agenda is to unite the poor to have a common voice and pull them from the hands of a few rich families dubbed dynasties who have been allegedly benefiting from their divisions along the ethnic lines.

” We want to empower you so that they will not misuse you to protest in streets to drive their agenda while their children are enjoying the fruits of our independence.Go do business and when they will ask you to join their street protests, tell them we are busy,” Ruto has said this in many functions.

Ruto gives cabbage to Nairobi locals

In all the previous elections that have been held since Independence, the poor have been divided along the ethnic lines with a slogan of ” We will vote our own person”, meaning we will vote a person from our tribe.

With barely two years, as witnessed in Kisii and Murang’a through the use of young and vibrant politicians, Ruto has managed to win the hearts of ” mama mbogas”, boda boda riders and the street hustlers that ferry and troll luggage on streets with the use of wheelbarrows and mikokotenis.

The scheme is well choreographed to put Raila and Uhuru at a corner of a few rich persons who have since independence been benefitting from the country’s resources and apportunies.

DP Ruto settled on this after he was sidelined by Raila and Uhuru in the handshake and consequently in their BBI strategy that aims to define the 2022 succession politics.

Raila with Ruto in Nyayo Gardens

Ruto a well-known schemer  drafted the hustler narrative to shift the country’s conversation from political alignment to the poor verses the rich( hustlers/dynasties).

” They have been misusing us for a long time but their time is over. We will not be used again to create positions for a few individuals but we want to create jobs for millions of Kenyans,” Ruto says

Though to sell the idea and sustain it till 2022 elections, will drain his energy and money, through regular donations to groups of poor people, if it sails, Ruto will be made the president by the poor.

” I have been selling chicken in the streets of Eldoret, so I know what it means to starve. It is therefore, our time to empower many of how youth who have no hope,he said.

Ruto addresses Githurai locals on Sunday after church service

This has not gone well with Raila and Uhuru together with their handlers who are doing all possible to discredit the spread of the narrative.

Therefore, this has send cold jitters to Uhuru and Raila who are afraid of the outcome if the poor spread across all the communities will subscribe to it.

The NCIC have warned that the narrative was so inciting and could cause the anynosity that were witnessed Rwanda between Tutsi and Huttus in 1994.

The poor who are usually used by the political class to stamp their own agenda are dominant over a few rich(dynasties).

With the deteriorating economy characterised by inability to meet basic needs makes hustlers fault the ruling class claiming to be the cause of the problem.

Ruto’s foreseeable main presidential opponent Raila Odinga is upset by the “Hustler Nation” narrative with fears that it could penetrate all over the country with defiance to ethnic barriers.

Ruto has made triumphant entry to Kisii, Mt. Kenya and he is expected to sell his narrative in Raila”a vote-rich Nyanza region this month.

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