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Nakuru Hindu Religious Service Centre Start Feeding Program in Five Schools

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Nakuru Hindu Religious Service Centre has started a continuos school feeding program in the county’s five primary schools.

The program entails provision of highly nutritious porridge and lunch program.

Lunch program started in St. Theresa, Barut and Kariba road while porridge program was started in Hyrax and St. Paul Primary schools.

The event was launched by the group’s women’s wing chair Divya Nitin Shah, Jayram Ankala, Jayesh Shah and Ajay Chandria.

The number of pupils benefitting in Hyrax  are 1217, Barut (838), Kariba road (513) and 363 in St. Paul.

According to Divya, the HSC started on Tuesday supplying highly nutritious flour, sugar and glasses for the program that is set to continue for unknown period of years.

” We started this program to share happiness together with her children who might not be getting such nutritious food in their homes. We are all created by one God and we want to see them happy,” she said

Jayram, Jayesh and Chandaria are traders in Nakuru who have always been donating towards charuty activities with the believe that, it is not so much wealth that brings happiness and peace but our attitude to possessions.

“We mobilised the resources from our centre members because we all believe that the wealth a person acquires is not for him or herself but for the welfare of others,” Jayram said

On his side Chandaria said that everyone has a responsibility towards helping those members of society who cannot maintain themselves.

Hindus are advised to cultivate generosity to overcome their selfish nature and cultivate detachment and dispassion.

They do this because the scriptures suggest that generosity or charitable nature leads to removal of sinful karma and thereby to self-purification.

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