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Why Nakuru MCAs Will Overwhelmingly Vote For BBI Bill

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Nakuru County Assembly Speaker Joel Kairu

By Nakuru Political Analyst

While all eyes are set to see whether Nakuru County Assembly will reject or vote for BBI Bill, there are indicators showing that the Bill will be supported by the majority if not all.

Since 1970s major Political decisions are made in Nakuru because it is the heartbeat of the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is a resident of Nakuru County and he will not sit and watch his initiative killed. He will do whatever possible to have it passed.

MCAs who were allied to DP Ruto with Gideon Moi in a pro-BBI meeting

If BBI passes, the county is set to be one of the major beneficiaries with creation of more five constituencies.

The area Governor, Lee Kinyanjui is a strong supporter of the Bill and he is watching the process with a keen interest.

None of Nakuru MCAs is ready to lose the promised car grants, because during the voting, each member will be expected to step forward and voice out his or her decision.

Most of Mt. Kenya County Assemblies will support it, and in this spirit Nakuru will follow suit.

Sources indicate that so far most of them have already made up their minds to vote for it and are only waiting for the voting day.

Also, to prove that the Bill is likely to get more than 90 percent support, the MCAs who during last elections were close to the Deputy President William Ruto were two days ago seen in a pro-BBI meeting with Senator Gideon Moi in Njoro.

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