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Nakuru Watchman Sues Employer Over Unfair Dismissal

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A former watchman at Rabar Ltd, Mr Morgan Morara, today appeared before a Nakuru court to lament over unfair dismissal from his employer.

He accuses the company of poor payments which were delayed, despite him working overtime, from 6pm to 6am since February 2016.

Morara told the court that he fell sick on 11th April 2020, and reported to the company that the doctor advised him to take a sick leave.

He added that his sickness was ignored by the company and when he failed to show up for 2 weeks the company sent him an unsigned termination letter without any payment.

“I worked overtime even on public holidays and not even once did I receive holiday pay,” Morara painfully says.

In their defense, a representative from the company says that being the lead guard at night, his dismissal was prompted by lack of security and the need to urgently hire another guard.

The Employment and Labor Relations Court today agreed that the company’s reason for terminating him was justified.

However, the court said the company failed to follow proper procedures rendering Morara’s termination unfair and violates the laws of fair labor practices, for which the plaintiff was entitled to 6 months compensation.

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