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Mosonik Says Women Empowerment is Key in His Development Agenda

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Dr. Eng During a Program for Mocheget Women Empowerment in Singorwet, Bomet Subcounty

Petroleum and Mining Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Eng John Mosonik has charted a clear road map that he would use to steer to growth the economy of Bomet County.

After having a successful career spanning to over 30 years, the CAS now wants to give back the best for his home county.

For the last one year, he has been strengthening partnerships and laying down development strategies for the five Subcounties of Bomet.

Last weekend, he presided over a fundraiser to Empower Single mothers in Bomet Central constituency who have been hiring out tents with limited number chairs where he donated 100 plastic chairs

Dr. Mosonik noted that women are a powerful force of development and therefore,creating opportunities for them is essential for economic growth.

He affirmed that in his ongoing development campaign, he will focus heavily on productivity, maximizing potential, and tapping every last resource for this special group.

“For long women in our societies have faced economic exclusion and discrimination but I am for leadership that strengthen women’s education, rights, health, and access to the workforce.,” he said

The former infrastructure and roads PS said apart from supporting their entrepreneurial activities he will help them get water and passable roads , and ensure their inclusion in decision making spaces and in leadership positions.

He believes that passable roads will enable them engage in businesses with ease while water at their doorsteps will alleviate burden of trekking miles away and also help them do irrigation farming activities.

Mosonik added that when women gain education, opportunity, and income, it drives out poverty in their families.

“To achieve this, we are working with stakeholders from relevant sectors, including security and education to end early marriages and pregnancies that curtail dreams of young girls,” he said

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