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Eng. Mosonik Takes Early Lead in Bomet Gubernatorial Race

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Dr. (Eng) John Mosonik with Bomet residents

With twelve months into 2022 General Elections, Dr. (Eng) John Mosonik has emerged a man to watch and people’s favourite for Bomet Gubernatorial race.

The outstanding track record especially when he was the PS for infrastructure and roads places him ahead of all competitors at this time when Bomet has nothing to show despite the allocation of billions of devolved coffers.
” Bomet is one of the underperforming counties in the country, we have been known for empty talks but we have realized that Governors seat wants a development oriented leader with a few words,” former Councillor Cheruiyot from Chepalungu said.

Recently, while addressing the press in Bomet town, Siongiroi MCA Leonard Kirui ditched Governor Barchok saying his administration has not established even a single road or any other project in his ward for the past one year.

In consultation with stakeholders

During an interview with KTN News a few weeks ago, the Deputy President William Ruto praised Eng. Mosonik saying they worked closely with him to ensure the infrastructural projects that the country prides in today are established while he was the PS.

All the new tarmack roads spiralling in Bomet and that have stirred economic development by boosting businesses were established during his tenure as PS for roads.

Besides his performance at the Ministry of Roads, he is known for philanthropic heart whereby he has solely built several classrooms in various schools and sponsored needy children through to the university across the county’s 25 wards.

In the past with NTSA officials

A few weeks ago, he delivered water tanks and assorted construction materials to various institutions among them churches, tea buying centres and schools in Bomet East.

He says to change the story of Bomet, he will use consultative approach and always listen to the views and opinions of all stakeholders.

He has had a series of meetings with bodaboda operators, Mama Mboga, tea Industry stakeholders, churches, former councillors and political opinion leaders.

” I was born and brought up in Bomet and with experience spanning to 30 years, I have climbed the ladders of success in the fields of Finance, Governance in Private and Public sectors, Human Resources Management and Information Technology (IT), and so it is time to give back by serving my people,” he said

Mosonik factor has poured cold water on his main rivals Governor Hillary Barchok who has nothing to showcase but has just been in public engaging in war of words with local leaders among them Senator Christopher Langat, Woman Rep Joyce Korir and MCAs.

In fear of Mosonik who will vie on United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket Barchok has recruited over 50 bloggers to hurl insults on Facebook and WhatsApp to his rivals and praise him for being a performer even without listing any mega project he has established for the last two Years.

Another candidate who has announced interest in the seat is former Governor and the CCM leader Isaac Ruto who after failing in fight with DP Ruto has downed weapons though will not fold his party for UDA.

It is the hope for many that if Mosonik wins, it will be a New dawn (Egonet Nelel) to Bomet that has been a hotbed of politics and zero development.

However, interesting times are ahead as the D-day draws closer.

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