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Device or vice?

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 By Dorcas Muthoni

Technology is on the fore front worldwide an important aspect in this century,from machinery to phone gadgets which is now almost a “basic” need.Phones have become very important gadgets in the world, whatever the brand,size,quality or preference.

As much as I can boldly agree phones are of great impact,they have some limitations on the same because frankly everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage.

Since the make of the world’s first phones in the 1940’s ,a series of changes have been made in terms of structure, functionality and advancement over the years from the common Motorola to the complex phones of today that have high working capability basically similar to computer functionality.

As much as it is exciting owning these gadgets,to our social being is it 100% healthy?Phones have somehow affected our social values,for instance our form of interactions where people these days prefer to talk ‘over’ the phone,send text messages,chat through Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter just to name a few not forgetting digital one on one communicating video calls.

This brings the question of how really are we building and establishing healthy relationships?Be it plutonic,agape or romantic? Honestly,It has created a barrier for ‘True’ interactions.Phones have made communication more ‘easier’ with people preferring to cancel meet ups,social interactions and gatherings that atleast keeps relations alive.

Phones are equally addictive.You meet spouses on the road holding hands ,great PDA right?The other hand gently browsing their phones everyone’s mind in the world of fantasy of their phones instead of enjoying each other’s company.

Housewives nowadays have some what forgotten their roles of keeping up with the growth of their children as one would imagine,you will find them intrigued and glued on their phones ‘joining’ the discussion in social platforms such as Kilimani mums and other ‘tea serving platforms .

You wouldn’t be surprised finding a child all dirty or in a basin of water for an absurd time waiting for the mother who is busy chatting on her phone.Marriages have been broken , families shattered as it has promoted vices such as cheating and adultery.

It’s no surprise a child performs poorly in school repeating,reason,he/she completely indulges with their phones playing games and Apps. Its devastating that a gadget that is so important and highly needed can be so distractive in time.

Therefore, I think it would be effective to create awareness because truly,too much of something is poisonous!

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