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Kuresoi South MP Booed as DP Welcomes ZK To UDA

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By Ben Munai

The Deputy President William Ruto’s visit to Njoro, Molo and Kuresoi with 12 stopovers culminated in welcoming of Zakayo Cheruiyot to UDA party.

DP Ruto who arrived Keringet town at around 6:15pm was welcomed with cheers and celebrations from enthusiastic crowd that had waited for him since 9:00am.

He was accompanied by MPs, Kithure Kindiki, Gachagua, Johanna Ngeno, Kimani Ngunjiri, Liza Chelule, Charity Kathambi, Gideon Keter, the area MP Joseph Tonui (the teacher) and former MP Zakayo Cheruiyot popularly known as ZK.

After introduction of the visitors , the DP gave a chance to MP Tonui who was booed from all corners by locals who stopped his speech chanting ” No No Stop We don’t need you,”

He however stood firm to tell the DP the needs of the locals but the DP later didn’t respond to his requests.

The MP got hostile reception despite spending the better part of Tuesday mobilizing locals among them mama mboga and boda boda operators in Keringet and Olenguruone towns.

This, to many could be an indication of a shifting ground against the former secondary school principal.

ZK gets UDA cap for DP

Towards the end of his speech a few minutes to 7:00pm, the DP introduced Zakayo to the crowd that cheered him saying “Welcome back”.

The DP posed ” Hapa tuko na Mzee Zakayo Cheruiyot ambaye amekubali kujiunga na Chama Chetu cha UDA. Mnakubali tushirikiane Na yeye,?”

” Zakayo panda hapa juu kwa gari Yangu” he turn gave him a UDA cap.

When his turn to speak came, ZK said his political friendship with Ruto started wayback in the year 2002.

” I have officially joined UDA and I promise to do everything possible to ensure William Ruto becomes the next President of this country,” he said amid the cheers .

The entry of the wealthy and skillful politician  has sent jitters to the area MP’s camp who are now bracing up for a heated political campaigns.

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