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300 Nakuru Town Youth Agree To End Exclusion

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Youths In Nakuru Town

By Geoffrey Kamau

Youths in Nakuru have agreed to channel their energy, creativity and aspirations to express their voices, build relationships with political leaders, and break down sociocultural and institutional barriers to participation.

In a meeting held at Shabaab Nakuru West on Wednesday, the over 300 youth leaders said they make up more than half of the County’s population but remain marginalized and excluded from politics and decision making.

Monicah Mwangi

They thanked Governor Lee Kinyanjui for commitment to give them a deserving share in his government upon re-election.

” We now stand to be counted and position ourselves strategically so that when resources being shared to youths and programs being planned, we are involved because we know the practical needs at the ground,” Monicah Mwangi said

She added that they are among the three special interest groups who deserve the 30% of everything shareable including employment opportunities and tenders and Governor Lee has committed to respect this.

They appreciated the Governor for being mindful of the youth through appointment, employment, distribution empowerment of resources and he might have not touched all areas because youths were not organized previously to give him their input.

Gidraph Mwangi

“We support Lee because he has formally committed to provide real opportunities to involve them in political processes and contribution to practical solutions that advance development.” Gidraph Mwangi said

They said they need opportunity to organize, voice their opinions and play a meaningful role in political decision that will lead to long lasting change in the society.

MCA Erick Gichuki who leads team said “
As we prepare to take up leadership positions, we need mentorship from leaders who are willing to hold up our hands.”

Viwandani MCA Erick Gichuki

Gidraph had started his gubernatorial campaigns before stepping down in support of Governor Lee’s re-election.

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